Create and get a Vidata (the API way)

Get your API key

To generate a Vidata (a personalized video), you will need an API key of your of your Vidata project. In our Platform, open your Project , click Distribute, you will find the API tab.


Find the variables of your project

Each project is associated with a video and it has a list of variables.
You can discover them from our platform by opening the Video Template you have selected for your project and exploring the list in the Variables tab.
It is also possible to use the API to retrieve them. Using the query:


Sample query


Reply to your request

"ExampleValue": "Matthieu Rogier;",
"MaxLength": "100;",
"Name": "TXT_NAME;",
"DefaultValue": "Matthieu Rogier;",
"ExampleValue": "Métrologue;",
"MaxLength": "100;",
"Name": "TXT_METIER;",
"DefaultValue": "Métrologue;",
], "Images": [ ], "Videos": [ ] }

Types of variables

Now that you have the list of your variables, you still need to know how to give them a value. Variables usually have a default value that will be used if the variable is set. So you just have to send the variables you want to customize.

Text Variables

Text variables always start with "TXT _". They can have an example value, a default value, and a maximum character size.

"TXT_name" = "Harnois"

Location variables

You can find text variables associated with an address, they start with "TXT_MAP_" and are followed by the name of the image that will be used to display a map. For that, you will only have to enter an address in the variable text, the image will be updated according to this one.

        "TXT_MAP_IMG_adresse.png" = "21 avenue des champs elysees 75008 Paris"

Images variables

Image variables start with IMG _. They can have a default value and dimensions. To assign an image to a variable, you will first have to Upload the file as explain here. In the answer, you will find the Filename that you assign to the dictionary image variable.

"IMG_image.png" = "ezk25b34.png"

Predefined images variables

Some image variables have predefined choices PredefinedChoices. This means that the image is to be selected among these choices. Then assign this variable the key of the image you want to use.


PredefinedChoices = {
    "image_1" = "",
    "image_2" = ""
"IMG_image.png" = "image_2"

Create a Vidata

Now you are in possession of your API key and the list of your variables, you can write your query.



Name Description
Key API key of your project
Variables Variable Dictionary

When you create your dictionary, you must always add
a field TXT_USEREMAIL in order to be able to generate your Vidata.

Sample query


        key: "7988fb58-4730-4bf8-8f89-efe8b632a820",
        variables: {
        "TXT_USEREMAIL" : "",
  "TXT_NAME": "Matthieu Rogier",
              "TXT_METIER": "Métrologue",


If the request is valid, the API will respond with an HTTP 201 Created status, and you will return the VidataId of your new custom video.

    "VidataId" : "tnax8961m27"

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