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Configure your mailing from a Vidata export

Exporting your videos from the Vidata platform

To export the list of your videos, just click on the “Export” button after the rendering.

Import the Vidata videos into your mailing tool

After your export, you will have a file containing for each contact the information of the personalised videos.

Here is an example:

In your mailing tool, you will therefore be able to “enrich” each contact with the Vidata variables. You will mainly need to use the link to the video (Urlcolumn) and the link to the image cover (ImageCover column).

Principle for configuring an email template

Once the import has been carried out in your mailing tool, you will have new variables for each contact.

Let’s take an example with two variables:

  • VDT_PLAYERLINK: the link to the video
  • VDT_COVER: the link to the Cover image

When creating your email template, you will need to use these two variables to display the custom image containing a link to the landing page.

Example of code to insert in your template:

<a href="*|VDT_PLAYERLINK|*" target="_blank"> <img alt="" src="*|VDT_COVER|*" height="320" style="display: block; margin: 0; padding: 0; border: 0;" border="0"> a>

Here the variables are set with the format *|MY_VARIABLE|*

The variables will be defined differently depending on the mailing tool used. Consult the documentation of the service in question to find out more.

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