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Embed your Vidata

Embed the Vidata player on your site

Vidata provides an embedded player to place on your site (like a Youtube player).

Here is an example of code for a 560×315 player:

Here is the rendering: https://player.vidata.io/embed/index/haquozcpa4j

You can also choose other ratios by changing the width and height.

Here are some examples:

  • 560×315
  • 640×360
  • 853×480

Or launch the video in autoplay:

Fetch the right video for a user

Call the url of your landing page with the id of the video:


You just have to retrieve the “vidataId” parameter from the url (here haquozcpa4j) and replace this id in the embedded code (below: “vidataId”).

Example in PHP:

‘vidataId’]; ?>

Example in ASP.MVC Razor

By getting “vidataId” in code-behind and passing it to the model:

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