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Creating a Facebook button

In order to allow the user to interact on Facebook, you will need to add a button to the landing page.

To help you, Facebook offers a button generation tool, follow the instructions at this address.

> Add a Facebook button to my landing page

If you only want a share button, follow the instructions at this address.

> Add a share button to my landing page

Configure the button

Once this button is added, configure the data-href to share the player address.

<div class="fb-like" data-href="https://player.vidata.io/embed/index/{vidata_id}" data-layout="standard" data-action="like" data-show-faces="true"> div>

The button is configured and now allows you to share / like a video and view it from Facebook, plus this article will redirect directly to the landing page.

But you can also configure the button with the URL of the landing page. For this, you’ll need to contact our API.

Retrieve the vidata from our API

Retrieve the vidata from our API Retrieve the vidata by making the following request:

GET https://api.vidata.io/v1/vidata/{vidata_id}/?projectId={project_id}

For more information, see the Vidata API documentation.

Configure the meta tags

With the information sent by our API, you can configure the Open Graph meta tags of the page to allow Facebook to detect the video.

{vidata_Title}"> {vidata_VidataUri}"> {vidata_CoverImgUri}"> {vidata_Description}">     {vidata_DownloadUri}">
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