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Import your database by email, on the Vidata platform

Preparing your database for a Vidata project

The database must be in CSV UTF-8 format and the number of columns in your database must correspond to the number of variables in your project.

To be sure of these conditions, you can in our Platform, from the IMPORT tab, download a sample .csv file containing all the variables of your project. If you do not have access to this file, you can contact your Project Manager who will send you your .csv file.

Anonymise your database: you just have to put unique identifiers for each email in your database. After exporting your videos to the platform, you will obtain a file containing the information of the personalised videos for each contact. You will then just need to consolidate the file with the unique identifiers and your database. This will allow you to find the emails associated with each contact.

Prepare your email

Once your CSV containing your database is ready, you can send it by email.

To do this, in the API tab of your project, you will find the key of your project. This will be the name of your file.

Example: d91af4c3-a4cd-4bfd-88a2-0402928a13db.csv

You can then send your file by email to the address roboto@vidata.io.

As soon as the import has been processed, you will receive an email to confirm that everything went well.

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