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Introduction to Vidata Motion Design

This documentation introduces us to the logic of Motion Design at Vidata.

How to think about your video, what to customise, etc.

What is a personalised video

A custom motion design video is just a video containing variables.

This feature allows, starting from the basic video, called “Master video“, to generateas many personalized videos as desired.

What does this mean?

  • Thinking about and creating a video for customisation means thinking about it in a generic way. Thinking about it in the most adaptable way possible, particularly in terms of the differences between the lengths of text on the variables.

    Example: On a first name variable, "Elsa" does not take up the same space on the screen as "Marie-Antoinette".

  • You must also think about the types of animation you want. All animations on variables must be able to be applied to them, regardless of their content.

    Example: animating a text variable with a mask must be thought through precisely. The mask must hide the text variable, regardless of the number of characters (and therefore the size) of the latter.

What is customisable?

You can customise a video with text, image, video and even sound data. There is no technical limit in terms of variables! The limit is linked to the data you have and the marketing use you want to make of it.

  • Questions to ask yourself
    • Which data to use?
    • What user path?
    • What is the relevant message?
    • For what marketing objective?

How long do you keep your videos?

We keep videos for 60 days from their creation

Where are the personalised videos hosted?

The Vidata solution uses Azure (Microsoft) and Amazon Web Service (AWS) servers

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