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The player It must be visible and highlighted.

Enhance your email

  • La Cover
    • Position: your personalised video should be visible as soon as the email is opened. Put the cover in the body of your email
  • CTA
    • The CTA Colour: attract attention with a bright colour
    • Text: it should call for action, for example, "Subscribe" or "Go for it".
    • Position: its place is essential to increase your click-through rates. Make it visible and close to the cover. Better still, if it is visible without the user having to scroll, you will increase your performance even more!


Note: multiply your CTAs but only have one path! We advise you to point all your CTAs to the same link. This will allow you to better measure the impact of the personal video on your email campaigns.

  • The subject of the email

    This is not a detail, it is one of the most important elements of your email! It must arouse curiosity, desire or even urgency.

    • Size: there is no ideal length, but an object that is too long will not attract the attention of your recipients, as it may not be displayed in full. Prefer objects containing 6 to 10 words and a maximum of 50 characters.
    • The message: tell in the subject line that it contains a personalised video. Example: "Your video in". Also remember that the first 3 or 4 words will be the most read.

Landing Page

This is the landing page where the viewer will discover their personalised video. Its purpose is to convert, so any distractions will distract the user from your end goal.

3 elements should appear on your landing page:

  • Player

    It must be visible and highlighted. Be careful not to place it too low in your page, the user should not have to scroll to see the video.

  • Baseline

    Baseline Show the way forward with a teaser. This should be clear and concise to encourage users to click on the CTA.

  • CTA

    The CTA Increase your click-through rates by adding a CTA, in addition to the one at the end of the custom video.

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