The strength of personalized video on the entire client journey

Used throughout the entire "life cycle" prospects / customers, the personalized video acts on Acquisition, Loyalty and Reactivation, and multiplies the marketing impact. Like the companies that have already chosen it (Groupama, Direct Energie, La Poste, Orange, ...), you too can personally address your customers and prospects to better conquer and retain them.


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Like Direct Energie, which offers the possibility of viewing in real time your next energy savings in a ready-made way after completing a form; or like the association Unadev which collects numerous donations for blind people, the personalized video allows you to boost the impact of your recruitment by better transforming your leads.

Abandonment recovery

Qualified leads who abandon a shopping cart are not lost. Reviving them to make them customers might come from forwarding an e-mail or text message prompting them to validate their cart. Custom video multiplies the chance of validation

Welcome process

Like Allianz which sends a welcome pack, including a welcome mailing 1 month after the arrival of a new customer, referring to a personalized video; or like MSC Cruise which welcomes its travelers upstream on its site: share a personalized video via an email to explain the benefits of its purchase or its choice to the customer. The latter, reassured and satisfied, will therefore be more faithful in the future.

Up Selling / Cross Selling

Like Macif, which offers videos that showcased family life and the imperatives of new insurance; Afnor invites its customers to learn about standards that concern them; or Happ-E by Engie, who is introducing his new services, video encourages your customers to move upmarket.

Loyalty program / sponsorship

As for Sosh (Orange) who offers a personalized video, both for the sponsor and sponsored; or Eni who invites to sponsor his relatives and to save money: or Carrefour Banque and his pass for partner offers; personalized video is a lever for your loyalty and sponsorship programs. This makes it much easier to engage.

After-Sale / Selfcare

In the case of Groupama, which dramatically limits calls to its telephone support following the claims declaration; or Generali in the same way, as well as Darty Pro for its after-sales service, the personalized video allows your customers to carry out procedures on their own (selfcare).


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Reclaiming customers is more difficult than winning them a first time. Were they disappointed? Have their specificities not been sufficiently taken into account? With personalized videos, remind your customers that you have not forgotten them, nor what makes them unique.

Like Le Puy du Fou with a personalized video of previous editions, reactivate your customers with this incredibly efficient solution. By talking to them directly, generating a particular emotion, linked to a memory, a performance, make them want to come back and trust you once more.

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