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  • How do you respond to the problems of anonymisation of databases?

    The principle of anonymisation of data is simple.

    #1 unique id
    All you have to do is to put unique identifiers for each email in your database. Your file will therefore contain:
    – a unique identifier for the contact
    – other data relating to your campaign
    #2 Export
    After exporting your videos to the platform, you will obtain a file containing for each contact, the information of the personalised videos with:
    – the unique identifier of the contact that you have given us
    – the URL to the personalised video
    – the custom cover
    #3 Consolidation
    You then simply consolidate the file with the unique identifiers and your DB. This will allow you to find the emails associated with each contact.

  • • How is the solution implemented?

    We propose a method that allows a simple implementation of the solution in 4 weeks thanks to a 3-step methodology:
    – Identify and script the customisation criteria
    – Produce the master video
    – Integrate the “magic” URL into your email.

  • How long do we keep the videos?

    We keep videos for 60 days from their creation

  • Where are the personalised videos hosted?

    The Vidata solution uses Azure (Microsoft) and Amazon Web Service (AWS) servers

Motion Design

  • - Is it possible to do pre-compositions within compositions?

    Yes, it is possible to make pre-compositions within compositions.

  • - What can I customise in a video? Can I customise anything other than text?

    You can customise a video using text, images and even video data. There is no technical limit in terms of variables! The limit is linked to the data you have and the marketing use you want to make of it:
    – Which data to use?
    – What user path?
    – What is the relevant message?
    – For which marketing objective?

    Here is an example of a range of possible customisations:

The Platform

  • - How to create contacts from the platform?

    Once on the Vidata platform, go to the project you want to modify, on the “Contacts tab. You just have to click on the “Add” button to add a contact.

    If you want to import contacts, you just have to go to the “Import” tab and import your contact file.

    > Import your database on the Vidata platform

  • - Is it possible to track the CTAs in player?

    The “in player” CTAs are systematically tracked, and the data are communicated to you at the end of the project.

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