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Recruit new customers

  • Generate interest in prospects with a 100% personalised message
  • Improve the understanding of your offer
  • Follow up on prospects who have provided you with personal data by using your online simulator or by completing your form
  • Increase the commercial efficiency of your abandonment follow-ups
  • Generate emotion and get your prospects to take action: subscribe to an offer, transform a quote into a contract, validate a shopping cart, etc.


Engage new customers

  • Welcome your new customer
  • Explain to your new customer the benefits of their purchase
  • Reassure your new customer about your complex delivery/installation process
  • Increase the number of activations to an online customer area
  • Measure customer satisfaction with a questionnaire at the end of the video

Boost an Up & Cross-Sell strategy

  • Generate sales of complementary services/products
  • Encourage your customers to upgrade

Improve the performance of your loyalty/sponsorship programmes

  • Communicate with your customers on the benefits of your loyalty/sponsorship programme
  • Measure your prospects' level of understanding with a survey at the end of the video

Reactivate inactive customers

  • Generate an emotion among your former customers to encourage them to re-subscribe to your offer

After-sales service / Selfcare

After-sales service / Selfcare

  • Use personalised videos as a tool in your self-care strategy
  • Decrease call centre congestion
  • Measure customer satisfaction with a survey at the end of the video
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