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Creating a successful sales tunnel with personalised video

Turning visitors to your website into new customers or increasing the average shopping basket of your customers through upsell or crosssell strategies, all easily and quickly, would be the dream, right?

Many companies that set out to create their sales tunnel are far from being able to guarantee a result. Often, it is a labyrinth.

What if personalised video was the solution to optimising your sales tunnel?

In this article, we reveal the secrets of 3 giants who have succeeded in creating a successful sales tunnel thanks to personalised video.

4 tips for creating a successful sales tunnel

Before talking about solutions and personalised videos, there are some basic requirements for creating a successful sales tunnel:

  • Know exactly who your sales tunnel is aimed at

There’s no secret to this, it’s one of the basics of marketing. For your message to have an impact on your audience, you must already know who your target audience is.

  • Define your objective

Whether it’s about turning visitors who fill in a sales form into new customers, or whether it’s about encouraging your current customer to subscribe to one of your new services in order to keep them loyal, it’s important to define your objective precisely. This goal will be the final step in your sales tunnel.

  • Define the steps to reach your goal

This could be filling in an online form, logging into a customer area, etc. It is up to you to choose which steps your target must go through to be converted. However, we advise you not to choose more than 5 steps: a successful sales tunnel is above all a short tunnel.

  • Choosing the right tools: personalised video

In this article, we have decided to highlight a specific tool: personalised video.

What is personalised video?

It’s no secret that video has become an indispensable medium in any communication, customer marketing and customer relationship strategy. Personalisation is possible thanks to the data collected on your customers and prospects. This data is chosen according to the context and objectives of your sales tunnel.

Personalised video makes the customer journey unique and allows you to make the right offer to the right customer, at the right time and on the right channel. The use of personalised video in your sales tunnel has an extremely positive effect on the effectiveness of the sales tunnel and its conversion rate.

How can I use personalised video to make my sales tunnel work?

Personalised video to turn website visitors into customers

Total Direct Energie had a specific objective for its sales tunnel: to improve the performance of its online subscription process. To meet this objective, Total Direct Energie chose to use personalised video.

VIDATA - La video personnalisee pour transformer les visiteurs dun site web en client

When a prospect makes an online simulation on the Total Direct Energie website to calculate his savings, they see a fully personalised video in real time, which they can click to subscribe. The personalised video includes information about the customer’s home and equipment. It informs them of their estimated annual energy consumption and proposes an offer. At the end of the video, the prospect has a choice: they can subscribe to the offer immediately or think about it and receive the result of the simulation by email. If they do not subscribe at the time, they will do so as part of a multi-channel email and telephone follow-up programme.

Here, personalised video optimises the efficiency of the sales tunnel by increasing the number of signed quotes or contracts and by reducing shopping cart abandonment.

Personalised video to reactivate customers

EDF pro, leading producer and supplier of low-carbon electricity in France and Europe, is reactivating its B2B customers whose contracts are about to expire so that they renew them. To meet this objective, EDF pro has chosen to use personalised video.

VIDATA - La video personnalisee pour reactiver ses clients

A few months before the end of their contract, an email with a personalised explanatory video is sent to the EDF Pro customer in order to prepare the telephone contact with the sales staff. The personalised video thanks the EDF Pro customer for their trust and reminds them of the key figures for their business and the advantages of an EDF Pro contract. At the end of the personalised video, the customer clicks on the CTA to make an appointment via Smartagenda with the EDF sales representative in order to renew their contract.

Here the personalised video optimises the efficiency of the sales tunnel by reactivating customers and getting them to sign up for an EDF pro contract again.

Personalised video to increase the average customer basket

Happ-e by Engie increases the number of gas contract subscriptions among its customers who have already subscribed to an electricity contract. To meet this objective, Happ-e by Engie has chosen to use a personalised video.

VIDATA - La video personnalisee pour augmenter le panier moyen de ses clients

A customer who has signed up for an electricity contract with Happ-e receives an email with a personalised video informing them that they can also sign up for a gas contract. Thanks to the personalised video, the electricity customer understands that it will be easier to manage their electricity and gas contracts from a single platform. At the end of the personalised video, the customer clicks on a CTA to sign up for a gas contract with Happ-e.

Here the personalised video optimises the efficiency of the sales tunnel by increasing the average customer basket and by making them subscribe to additional offers.

Thus, personalised video is an impactful and powerful tool to boost the efficiency of your sales tunnel by considerably increasing the transformation rates

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