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[Set up Guide] Vidata Solution

[Installation Guide] The Vidata Solution Installing a new Marketing Tool can mean complications… Not so with the Vidata Solution! Thanks to this Complete Guide you will be able to send your Clients and Prospects Personalised Videos Quickly and Easily.

In this 8-page Installation Guide, you will find a method that has been tried and tested by our customers

  • Steps to get the Solution up and running in 4-6 weeks
  • All the information you need to get started efficiently
  • Step-by-step guidance for a Quick and Easy Installation in 5 Key Steps

Testimony of Groupama, Leader in the Insurance sector:

“Vidata managed to understand our customer needs and translate them into a clear message for our customers.”

Nadia Roignant-Creis, Regional Manager for Property & Casualty and Prévoyance Claims at Groupama Loire Bretagne

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Quick and easy installation of the Vidata solution

Discover the benefits of Personalised Video
An expert will present the Vidata Solution to you in detail to increase the profitability of your marketing actions and build customer loyalty.