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How do you measure the performance of your custom videos?

You can measure the success of your personalised video in several ways. To find out which KPIs will be the most interesting to monitor, we invite you to define the objectives of your personalised video campaign from the start.

This personalised video campaign aims to:

  • Convert visitors to your website who have filled in an online form into customers
  • Increase the number of downloads of a document
  • Increase the average shopping basket of your customers
  • Increase the number of online customer space activations
  • Reactivate your customers who have become inactive
  • Increase customer satisfaction (NPS)
  • Increase the level of engagement
  • Reduce the time it takes to process a post-sales problem
  • Etc.

Here are the main methods we recommend:

Number of views

Explainer video views are the raw number of times your sales animation video has been viewed. This metric is measured by the number of times the video has been loaded and the play button has been activated. The higher the number of views, the more you can deduce that your video was sent to the right target. Conversely, if the number of views is low, it may mean that the target audience to whom you sent the personalised video did not understand your approach and did not see fit to click through to view it.

To increase the number of views, it is important to take care of the video thumbnail, meaning the screen that will be displayed on the landing page before it is launched. Choosing a GIF as a thumbnail can be a good way to get your target audience to click through to view the video.

Completion rate

The completion rate of the explainer video is the number of times your video has been watched from start to finish. The completion rate can also be defined as the number of times the video has been viewed up to a specific timestamp.

This KPI is a reliable indicator of your target audience’s satisfaction and the overall quality of your video. It is also an indicator of where the target loses interest in watching their personalised video. This provides important information that should be taken into account in a continuous improvement strategy and when designing your next mailing campaigns.


Engagement metrics cover all actions taken by a viewer while playing the video. This could be replaying the video, clicking on a CTA or any other defined action.

Click-through rate

If you have included a call to action (CTA) at the end of your video, click-through rates are another important metric to consider.

Conversion rate

The conversion rate is the number of people who watch your video and then convert to a customer or perform the desired action. To measure the conversion rate, you need to connect other tools to track users as they progress through the customer journey.

Custom KPIs

You may need other KPIs to measure the performance of your personalised video. For example, Groupama Loire Bretagne, leading French insurance company, was looking for a simple and clear way to explain to the customer how their claim would be handled. The campaign had a dual objective:

  • To significantly improve the understanding of victims at each stage of the resolution of their claim
  • To reduce the number of re-calls from claimants

How do we know if these two objectives have been achieved?

Here we realise the limits of the KPIs previously stated: a high completion rate of the video will not necessarily be 100% correlated with a reduction in the number of recalls from victims. Sometimes you have to create your own KPIs to measure the performance of your campaign.

A personalised 45-second video is sent to members the day after their claim is reported. The video includes the client’s name, the date and references of the claim, and the options chosen by the policyholder when the contract was taken out. It also summarises the supporting documents to be provided and formalises the commitments made by the claims officer during the call.

To measure the performance of this personalised video, we first took into account all the KPIs listed above, to which we added 2 customised KPIs:

  • Claim processing time: the purpose of sending a personalised video was to simplify the customer journey and reduce processing times, in order to compensate the customer more quickly. Following the personalised video campaign, Groupama Loire Bretagne noted that the time taken to process claims had decreased.
  • The number of customer call-backs: the aim of sending a personalised video was to reduce customer call-backs in order to increase ROI and to make Groupama’s claims managers more available and more accessible daily for complex customer requests.


Still have doubts about the performance of your personalised video? Why not ask your target audience directly for their opinion?

You can choose to contact a sample of your target audience by phone, but this can be time-consuming and costly.

We advise you to integrate a satisfaction questionnaire directly at the end of your personalised video. This will allow your target to answer a few simple questions, which will give you qualitative feedback.

Groupama Loire Bretagne chose to include this questionnaire at the end of the personalised video. Here are the questions asked of the target audience:

  • Does this video meet your expectations? YES/NO (check boxes)
  • Does it allow you to better understand the process of a case? YES/NO (check boxes)
  • Would you have liked additional information, and if so, what? YES/NO (checkboxes) + Free field where the target can enter any additional information they would have liked to have.

Groupama used this qualitative feedback to improve the personalised video campaigns that followed.

VIDATA - Feedback groupama
VIDATA - Feedback groupama 2
VIDATA - Feedback Groupama 3
VIDATA - Feedback groupama 4

Don’t hesitate to call on our team of experts to help you make your personalised video campaigns more effective!

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