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[INFOGRAPHY] – Personalised video: 5 points to remember

71% of consumers feel frustrated when their shopping experience is not personalised [1].Whether it’s Spotify, Netflix or Amazon, we are surrounded by ultra-personalisation every day. These companies have understood this by implementing recommendation algorithms in order to offer us the most adapted content possible according to our tastes.

The same goes for your customers and prospects! They want a personalised experience when it comes to acquiring, retaining or reactivating them.

To achieve this, you can combine personalisation with a format that is very popular with your customers and prospects: the personalised video!

En effet, la vidéo personnalisée est un excellent format pour répondre à 100% des attentes de vos clients et prospects. Personalisation in a video is possible thanks to the data collected on your customers and prospects (title, surname, first name, profession, date of subscription, etc.).

The data you use depends on the context and your communication objective in order to deliver a personalised and impactful message to your customers and prospects.

Discover now the 5 advantages of personalised video that you absolutely must know!

VIDATA - infographie la video personnalisee les 5 points a retenir

Are you interested in personalised videos?

AXA Banque and CNP Assurances share their feedback on the use of personalised video in a “Welcome process” context.

In this replay, discover:

  • The best practices for a successful customer loyalty strategy in the context of a welcome process
  • Testimonials from experts on their use of personalised video
  • The results expected and/or obtained thanks to personalised video
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