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[WHITE PAPER] -Online form: 6 levers to turn more leads into customers.

One of the major challenges of your business is customer acquisition. However, it is more complicated to acquire new customers than to retain them. The probability of selling to an old customer is between 50 and 70%, while the probability of selling to a new prospect is only 5 to 20% [1].

Several digital tools are available to marketers to carry out their customer acquisition strategy. Among these tools, there are online forms!

If these online forms are well optimised, they can become an important source of quality conversions for your company.

What are the levers to increase customer acquisition through forms? Why is generic content no longer as relevant? What personalised marketing devices can greatly improve your conversion rate?

Discover without further delay, our reference guide to improve the effectiveness of your online forms:

● Discover the performance levers of online forms

● Diagnose your online customer acquisition journey

● Optimise the conversion of your online subscription path

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6 levers to turn more leads into customers.

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