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Personalized video: an essential and powerful communication tool for a unique customer experience and an effective self-care strategy.

According to Cisco, leader in digital transformation, by 2021, 82% of global Internet traffic will be represented by video. This represents an increase of 72.3% compared to 2017.

Video has therefore become an essential medium in any communication, customer marketing (Inbound Marketing) and customer relationship strategy. 56% of the French population watch a video at least once a month (Statista 2019), which is a 59% growth compared to 2016.

Consumer appetite for online videos from brands is growing steadily. According to Hubspot, 54% of consumers want to see more video content from the brands and businesses they support. Advertisers must therefore include video in their content marketing strategy to meet the needs of their customers and prospects.

The use of video marketing builds brand image (93% of marketers say that a video postattracts at least one new customer), informs prospects and customers about the company, products and services (demonstrations and tutorials), increases sales, and builds trust and permanent dialogue between the brand and its potential and current customers.

Video has a very positive impact on user engagement and plays an important role in the purchase decision, 64% of consumers buy a product more easily after watching a video (Teester 2019).

All the statistical data and KPIs testify to and demonstrate the attractiveness and relevance of the video medium.

It has thus become an essential communication channel at each stage of the customer life cycle:

> prospection: objective: attract visitors to the website

  • Informative video presentation of the offers
  • Case study video
  • Video tutorials/webinars: engage with your audience on “relevant” topics to establish and enhance your expertise and improve brand recognition (differentiation, differentiation in your market)
  • Product demonstration video

>Conquest / Acquisition / Conversion

  • Welcome video or personalised welcome
  • Presentation of premium content
  • Customer testimonials

> Loyalty:

  • Educational video, tutorial in the context of customer service and after-sales service
  • Explanatory video on new products and services (up-sell, cross-sell)
  • Customer testimonials
  • “Calendar” video (greetings, birthdays)

> Retention: objective: maintain the relationship with thank you messages

> Follow-up / Implementation

Its impact is reinforced when the video is personalised and targeted. It personalizes the customer journey, improves customer satisfaction (the right offer, the right content to the right customer, at the right time and through the right channel), creates brand loyalty by leaving an impression on your customers, optimizes the customer experience and differentiates you from your competitors.

Analysing the results of marketing campaigns including personalised video will improve your customer knowledge.

In conclusion, the use of personalised video, at all stages of the customer journey, has extremely positive effects on the effectiveness and ROI of marketing campaigns, customer conversion rates and brand loyalty.

What is personalised video?

It is a powerful marketing tool to capture the attention of your customers and prospects and generate engagement. Personalised video offers a personalised, meaningful and educational experience to each of your customers and prospects.

Customisation is possible thanks to the data collected on your customers and prospects (title, surname, first name, profession, date of contract subscription, etc.). This data is chosen according to the context and your communication objectives.

Why invest in personalised video?

1. Create a unique and individualised experience with personalised video

Personalised video is an innovative and original format for conveying an educational and emotional message. Each of your customers will receive a unique video that will be 100% dedicated to them thanks to the data you have collected.

Sending personalised videos to your customers and prospects will allow you to:

  • Stand out from your competitors by offering unique content.
  • Personalise your customer journey.
  • Significantly increase their engagement.
  • Create and maintain a lasting relationship with your customers and prospects.
  • Refine your customer knowledge base (Unique Customer Repository).
  • Improve the satisfaction and experience of your current and prospective customers.
  • Build customer loyalty.

For example, many players in the banking and insurance sector use personalised video to engage their new customers to activate their personal space. The results are impressive: 39% reactivity rate and 82% completion rate (number of people who watched the video to the end).

2. Offer a format that your customers and prospects want

Video is a format that is highly sought after by your customers and prospects. 85% of consumers want to see more video content from brands (Hubspot).

Personalised video has enabled Groupama Loire Bretagne to obtain an email open rate of +77% and a video completion rate of +97%. These exceptional results prove that personalised video is a format that your customers and prospects are looking for.

3. Achieve ROI and impactful marketing actions

73% of B2B marketers say that video has a positive impact on ROI (Tubular Insight).

Personalised video adds value to your customers and prospects who will watch it to the end. It delivers a message in a personalised and understandable way. They will be more engaged, more satisfied and more loyal, so your investment will pay off very quickly.

The figures speak for themselves: out of 100,000 generic videos, 68,000 people don’t watch them to the end because they don’t feel involved and are therefore unlikely to be satisfied. With personalised video, 82,000 people will understand the value of your communications and be engaged.

How to set up a personalised video?

Here are the 5 necessary steps to create personalised videos with VIDATA’s solution:

After defining your objectives (acquisition, loyalty or reactivation) and your personalisation criteria (personal data of your customers and prospects) for your personalised video, comes the creation stage.

  • Creating the template for the personalised video

A template will be created by motion designers to send your personalised video.

This template, which is a unique video model, can be sent in a personalised way to all your prospects and customers, once their data has been integrated into the video (title, surname, first name, situation, etc.).

How to integrate the personal data of your customers and prospects into this template to generate thousands of videos?

  • The connection between your CRM and the VIDATA solution

The VIDATA solution automatically connects to the CRM you are using (Salesforce, Hubspot, etc) and thus allows you to transfer all the customer data in a very simple, fast and secure way.

Two solutions exist to connect the Vidata solution to your tool:

By API: it is like building a bridge between the two. Data can be easily transferred from your CRM to the solution.

❖ Through an FTP repository, you will create a file with all your customer data. The solution will regularly synchronise with this file to have access to all your data.

  • Integrating the video player into your marketing system

You can choose between 3 effective ways of sending your personalised video:

> After filling in a form: a personalised video is sent (by email or sms) to your customers and prospects after filling in a form. The video can be sent in real time or after a period of time chosen by you.

> Push e-mail or SMS: your customer or prospect receives a personalised e-mail or SMS in which they can click on an animated GIF. This click will redirect them to a landing page where they can view their personalised video. The sending can be triggered by an action/inaction carried out by the prospect or customer: completion of an online form, call to a hotline, cart abandonment, customer inactivity for more than X days, etc.

> After loggingin to the customer area, your customer will be able to watch their personalised video directly.

Of course, all custom videos are responsive and can be viewed on all devices.

  • Sending your personalised videos

You have the possibility to perform tests in order to validate the proper functioning of the custom video in real conditions. Once these tests are completed, your videos are ready to be sent.

  • Analyse the results of your personalised videos

Sending personalised videos is good, but analysing the results is even better!

The VIDATA platform allows you to analyse each of your personalised video campaigns: click rate, open rate, read rate, completion rate (people who watch the video until the end), etc.

These KPIs will allow you to improve certain aspects of your videos in order to considerably increase the impact of your next campaigns: optimisation of the length of the video and the messages, etc.

Would you like to know more about the installation of the Vidata solution? Download our Installation Guide now!

Customer case study: Groupama Loire Bretagne

Groupama had a key objective: to reduce the number of re-calls of the damaged customers.

It is not always easy to explain simply and clearly to the client how their claim will be handled. The occurrence of a claim is always a destabilising event for our customers. These customers expect the insurer to provide them with personalised and reassuring support, and to take care of them in a simple, smooth and proactive manner. After the telephone call to report the claim, the customer, often weakened and panicked, will have only partially remembered the information provided by the claims representative. As a result, the customer calls back the customer service within a few days. This lengthened the time it takes to receive compensation and a feeling of discomfort in the face of an unforeseen and complex life situation tended to develop.

Groupama decided to significantly improve the understanding of victims at each stage of the claim resolution process. In this way, the victim does not have to call back a claims representative to follow up on his or her case. Sending a personalised video to each customer is a real plus in explaining their contractual context and how the case will be managed in a very concrete and simple manner (deductible, amount of the benefit chosen at the time of subscription).

The results are excellent today, we really feel that customers are involved. For example, three-quarters of customers open the email, and half of them watch the video. And above all, what is excellent today for Groupama is that all of their customers go to the end of the video. We have 97% of people who watch the video to the end. For Groupama, it’s really the personalised video that makes the difference.

Do you want to communicate in an engaging and educational way to your customers about your environmental and/or social commitments? Contact a Vidata expert now!

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