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[Replay Talk] Customize to better engage like CNP Assurances

If the video has established itself as the flagship format of social networks, The video is also increasingly popular with companies in the context of their customer relationship. This is for example the case of CNP Assurances and its commercial network Ametis which, from 2019, worked with Vidata to offer various personalized videos to its customers.

Personalised video is a great way to demonstrate pedagogy, even more when it is based on data to meet the needs of the customer. A situation all the more true in the world of banking and insurance, which offers quite complex products.

Alex Chinon, CEO (Vidata)

The experiment begins in 2019 and initially aims to encourage customers to activate their online space. To do this, CNP Assurances has created a e-mailing campaign, sent to nearly 21,000 of its customers, including a first personalized video. “10% of customers who opened this e-mail clicked on the video. Among them, 84% watched this video in its entirety. Even better: half of the people who finished watching the video then created their personal space”, says Hervé Valentin, Marketing Manager of CNP Assurances. Secondly, CNP Assurances is deploying a call platform, in addition to the e-mailing campaign, responsible for contacting customers who have not activated their customer spaces. A device that is all the more important to reach seniors, who are less digitized than other types of customers. The results are clear:

  • 53% argued contact rate.
  • 60% activation of the personal space following a reasoned contact
  • 20% refusal of activation, of which 10% due to the fact that people had already activated their personal space

Dans le replay vidéo de ce HUBTALK, Hervé Valentin et Alex Chinon évoquent la manière dont CNP Assurances a su installer les vidéos personnalisés comme un élément indispensable de ses parcours d’engagement client.

In the video replay of this HUBTALK, Hervé Valentin and Alex Chinon discuss how CNP Assurances was able to install personalized videos as an essential part of its customer engagement journey.

Hervé Valentin, Marketing Manager (Amétis CNP Assurances)

Here is the first part of the talk:

To see the replay for free in its entirety, download it by clicking below!

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