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[Replay Talk] Reinvent your Selfcare strategy with personalized video like Suravenir Assurances

In recent years, personalization has been at the heart of business strategy. Many sectors are interested in it, such as retail. But banking and insurance are not left out. Number 1 in personalized video, Vidataallows you to create videos to be addressed to each client.

Each month, 650,000 personalised videos are thus generated, in a portfolio of 65 customers. This system, for example, appealed to Suravenir Assurances (a subsidiary of the Crédit Mutuel Arkéa group): it has been using it for 1 year, particularly in the context of claims.

Our main challenge is customer satisfaction“explains Gaël Ratovelo, Project Manager at Suravenir Assurances, before indicating the important indicators:

  • the effort of the customer that should be optimized
  • the level of customer satisfaction.
  • the effort of managers to achieve this satisfaction objective

To illustrate the customer journey at Suravenir Assurances, the expert takes the example of water damage. If the first steps are similar to any customer journey in Insurance (declaration of the claim, support by a manager), the interaction between the user and the employee makes it possible to provide more precise information on the nature of the claim. and thus enrich the personalized video.

The video is sent directly by email. This allows customers to learn about the different stages of processing their file. This process uses a large amount of data such as the nature of the site, the date of the disaster, etc. as well as voice data. Indeed, the voice of the manager is recorded, for even more personalization.

Alex Chinon, CEO & Founder of Vidata shows the impact of this type of format by giving 3 key figures after 3 months:

  • More than 1200 customers received a personalized video by email.
  • 20% of emails containing a personalised video resulted in a click
  • 90%of customers watched the video to the end

The expert dwells on the last figure, specifying that it isa completion rate. That is to say, it makes it possible to identify the content(s) that have been viewed to the end and thus determine engagement.

The higher the rate, the more likely users will be to come back to watch similar content: “in a context as specific as disaster management, the customer has an interest in watching the entire video”, he adds.

The benefit of personalizing a video affects the completion rate. At Vidata we manage to obtain an average viewing rate of 82% and the average is based on 660,000 videos generated per month, for 65 clients.

Alex Chinon, CEO & Founder (Vidata)

Personalized video is therefore useful throughout the customer journey and not just at the entrance. In total, 3 key points can be identified:

  • Understanding of customer satisfaction
  • Greater efficiency of marketing operations
  • better profitability

Here is the first part of the Talk:

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