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[Replay webinar] Personalised video and customer relations: how to maximise your performance?

How can you enhance the performance of your customer relations by sending your customers personalised videos?

🔎Did you know? 2/3 of consumers say they are willing to buy from a brand that personalises its customer experience. Faced with increasingly demanding, unpredictable and impatient customers, it is difficult to capture their attention. Personalisation has become a key issue. Using the data collected from your customers and prospects, it is possible to create personalised videos, in order to send them the right message at the right time and place.

đź’ˇIn this 30-minute webinar, discover the keys to maximising the performance of your customer relations::

  • What is a personalised video?
  • How can you customise a video sent to your customers?
  • For what purpose(s) should you send a personalised video?
  • Case study: how & why does AmĂ©tis CNP Assurances use personalised videos? What are the results?
  • This webinar will answer all your questions


  • Alex Chinon, Personalised video expert and CEO & founder of Vidata
  • HervĂ© Valentin, Marketing Manager for the AmĂ©tis CNP Assurances network
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Pauline Dahirellinkedin
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Personalised video and customer relations: how to maximise your performance?

Discover the benefits of Personalised Video
An expert will present the Vidata Solution to you in detail to increase the profitability of your marketing actions and build customer loyalty.
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