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The 4 Challenges of Personalisation of the Customer Relationship

On November 28th, the Great Customer Relationship Evening was held, hosted by Vidata and Groupama. Sébastien Duval, Head of Customer Satisfaction at Groupama, gave a fascinating keynote on the challenges of personalising customer relations. We share it with you in this article!

Personalisation is a marketing strategy that consists of contextualising experiences, messages and offers according to the characteristics of the customer. It consists in offering a unique customer experience, singular and adapted to the customer profile. The personalisation of the customer relationship takes place in a context of changing uses (dis-intermediation of the customer relationship) where requests are increasingly numerous and where the digitalisation of the relationship is increasingly strong. In this context, the personalisation of the relationship, i.e. the need for a customer to be considered in his or her uniqueness, responds both to a basic expectation of customers and to a challenge of differentiation.

72% of individuals expect to have a personalised experience (salesforce study, 2017)

In exchange for all the information collected about them, customers want a unique experience that is 100% dedicated to them.

Personalising the customer relationship allows to:

  1. Increase customer acquisition rate: as customers are more versatile, it is necessary to engage them quickly with a personalised message and a unique experience
  2. Increase the conversion rate: because of the diversity of media (phone, computers, tablet, shop, etc.) customer journeys are unique and complex. This requires personalising customer experiences and offering personalised customer journeys that meet 100% of their needs.
  3. Create territorial proximity: It is sometimes difficult for the brand to establish a strong relationship with its customers. This is particularly the case in certain territories where the brand is not physically present. It is therefore necessary to create/recreate a link of proximity between the brand and its customers through the distribution of personalised messages.
  4. Create relational proximity in the accompaniment and advice to meet the customer’s need for greater expertise. When a person makes a consumer credit simulation online, he or she wants to be called back by an advisor who is able to explain, in a personalised manner, his or her estimate and the steps to be taken if he or she wishes to take out a loan

Customisation is an opportunity for differentiation with multiple benefits:

  • Benefits across the entire customer journey: increased acquisition, conversion, retention, reactivation, etc.
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Increased customer engagement
  • Differentiation lever in an ultra-competitive context

Personalised video meets the four challenges of personalising customer relations. The video uses each customer’s data to send a personalised message, which makes the message more impactful. On average, personalised video is watched up to 82%, which considerably increases the effectiveness of marketing actions as well as customer acquisition and conversion rates.

On average, the personalised video is watched up to 82%!

In addition, the personalised video is sent to prospects and customers by email. It includes the customer’s information and, in some cases, the first name/name of a brand advisor. It creates a relationship between the brand and the customer, even if the customer has never been in contact with a physical brand advisor.

To find out more about the challenges of personalising customer relations, download our white paper “The 4 Challenges of a High-Performance Customer Service”. Diagnose your performance and deploy the right tools for your needs!

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