For each critical occasion, a personalized video

The personalized video is integrated with our 3 solutions for ready-made customer journeys. We cover all your needs through all channels of communication between your prospects, customers and you. Do not miss any opportunity to make a personal connection with them.

Video view after a form:

Completing a form, for a quote for example, leads to the creation of a personalized video. If the customer does not subscribe to the offer, it is restarted by e-mail which will send it back to the video.

How? > We connect the Vidata solution to your form, you integrate our player directly on this same page to offer a user experience in "real time".

Used for lead collection in general, custom video via a form generates a much larger marketing impact than a static image.

The personalized video is seen in full in 82% of cases, resulting in more commitment. According to our results, the conversion from prospect to customer increases by 120%!

Push email or SMS and video view on website:

The most requested solution by our customers, the push e-mail or SMS is used on all stages of the life cycle. A message is sent to the customer with a personalized visual (static or animated Gif). Arrived on the web page, he discovers his video that invites him to action (purchase, selfcare).

How? > We connect the Vidata solution to your marketing automation tool. You integrate a custom GIF into the email and the Vidata player into your web page.

By enriching the messages, the clickthrough rate is more than 220%! Added to this is the video completion rate of 82% and, in turn, CTA clicks.

Video view at the login on Customer Area:

For loyalty and sponsorship programs, or selfcare, personalized video is an effective way to increase engagement. The customer connects directly to his online space and visualizes a personalized video. Or you send him an e-mail, with a personalized visual, inviting him to visit his space.

How? You integrate the Vidata player in your customer area. We connect the Vidata solution to your CRM.

In a customer area, the completion rate of a personalized video is on average 82% (38% for a classic video).This solution therefore boosts referrals, explains the functions of the customer space (self-care) or animate a loyalty program.

Discover the benefits of personalized video

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