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[WEBINAR] – Focus on loyalty to boost growth

In this webinar co-organised with PICOM by Cap Digital, we welcomed Cyrille Foillard, Chief Innovation Officer at RCI Bank & Services. In 60 minutes, we explain how to rely on customer loyalty in 2021 to revive your company’s growth. This webinar will make you an expert in customer loyalty and satisfaction, so don’t miss it: watch it on replay!

In 60′ top time ⏱️, Alex CHINON-CEO Vidata– and Cyrille Foillard -Chief Innovation Officer at RCI Bank & Services- offer you:

  • 20’ best practicesto improve customer loyalty
  • 20′ analysis and study of 2 loyalty strategies that work reliably
  • 20′ of no-holds-barred Q&A where you can ask us all your questions in the chat

Here is the first part:

To see the full replay for free, download it by clicking below!

By downloading the full replay, you will discover:

  • Good practices for building loyalty

How to make customer feedback a source of development? How to take into account and analyse the voice of the customer?

Study & Analysis of the Groupama Loire Bretagne case

  • 2 strategies that will allow you to build loyalty reliably:

Strategy 1: how to facilitate the autonomy and decision making of your customers by simplifying the relational path?

Study & Analysis of the Allianz case

Strategy: How to make Customer Care a strategic anti-churn lever?

Case Study and Analysis of RCI Bank & Services Switzerland

  • Finally, you will be able to benefit from the questions asked by the participants and the answers provided by Alex.
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Focus on loyalty to boost growth

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