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Afnor case, or how to increase sales of professional training

Afnor Compétences, one of the world’s leading training providers, increases the number of people enrolled in professional training courses, thanks to personalised videos.

Afnor Compétence had a double challenge: to inform individuals (employees, self-employed, job seekers) of the existence of the CPF mobile application, and to explain to them that AFNOR Compétences training can be directly “purchased” from this mobile application.

A private individual receives an email with a personalised video. At the end of the video, they click on the CTA “Let’s train with AFNOR Compétences” which sends them to the bottom of the Landing Page where the 85 AFNOR training courses are listed. They then click on one of the training courses to access one of the product pages (description, amount, etc.) from which they can request a quote, register (via the dedicated site), etc.


92% of viewers watched their personalised video to the end.

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