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The Foncia case, or how to improve the onboarding of your customers

FONCIA Location Vacances, a leader in holiday rentals, improves customer onboarding with personalised videos.

Foncia Location Vacances sends a personalised video to each of its guests to improve their understanding of the steps to follow to collect their key and access their accommodation. A few days before the key collection, the client receives an email with a personalised visual. They click and open a dedicated landing page. On the landing page, they see a personalised video explaining how to find the agency, collect the keys to their holiday home and access it, in complete safety. With a better understanding, holidaymakers save time, get to their accommodation faster and minimise risky contacts. This is a real added value for Foncia in terms of service to tenants.


Customers are interested in this new format as 78% of them open the email and 91% of those who click on the video to watch it, will watch it all the way through.

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