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CNP Assurances case or how to boost the activation of online spaces!

Amétis of the CNP Assurances group, the 2nd largest life insurance company in France, was looking to increase the number of online space activations.

The collaboration between Vidata and CNP Assurances started in 2019 with a “fully digital” strategy which consisted of sending personalised videos to each insured customer who did not subscribe to their online customer space. The personalised video promotes the benefits of the customer area, so as to encourage the insured to subscribe to their online customer area.

In a second phase, in 2020 and 2021, CNP Assurances combined digital and human resources. To maximise the activation of the online customer space, telephone advisors called new customers who had seen their personalised video but had not activated their online space. The aim was to support customers by telephone in activating their online space.


50% of customers who watched the video to the end activated their personal space online. 60% of customers who did not activate their personal space immediately after watching their personalised video, would do so following a call from a telephone advisor.


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