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Groupama Loire Bretagne’s case, or how to improve its self-care strategy

Groupama Loire Bretagne, a leading French insurance company, was looking for a clear and simple way to explain to the customer how their claim would be handled.

We worked with this regional branch of Groupama on GAV (Garantie Accident de la Vie), PJ (Protection Juridique) and Agri (Service de remplacement) insurance. A personalised 45-second video is sent to members the day after their claim is recorded. The video includes the customer’s name, the date and references of the claim, and the options chosen by the policyholder when the contract was signed. It also summarises the supporting documents to be provided and formalises the commitments made by the claims officer during the call.


This personalised video campaign had a high impact on customers as the video was watched to the end in 97% of cases.


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