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Groupama Loire Bretagne
Head of Compensation Department
Nadia Roignant

Vidata offers a very effective solution for communicating with our customers. The results are impressive on all levels: customers are very satisfied with the attention they receive and we have improved the cost effectiveness of our communication.

Sosh by Orange
Head of the Direct Marketing Business Digital Department
Julie Hubert

Vidata has enabled us to significantly enhance the performance of the Sosh sponsorship by improving customer engagement. The personalised video device has improved the effectiveness of our communication.

the Belles Demeures Luxury Division of Se Loger
Marketing Director of the Belles Demeures Luxury Division
Clotilde Berenguer

Personalisation is a real added value, which allows the user to have the impression that the agency is going to give them a customised response directly. This is where the direct benefit in terms of conversion and turnover of the video comes from.

CNP Assurances Amétis
Head of Omnichannel Development BU Amétis Network & Social Protection
Antonis Giannisopoulos

The Vidata solution has enabled us to effectively promote the various digital channels available to our customers, to enhance the value of the customer area and the services offered to them and finally to communicate on our self-care strategy.

AXA Banque
Operational Excellence and Customer Satisfaction Manager
Sandrine Crépin

We wanted to remind the customer of the offer they had, while reassuring them of their choices, in order to increase trust and commitment towards the brand. We also wanted to encourage customers to download the AXA Bank application. The personalised video solution enabled us to meet these challenges. We had very responsive teams and an intuitive platform.

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